Top Women in Wireless in 2010

Sue MarekThe wireless industry is by far the most dynamic and fast-moving sector of the telecom market. Yet when it comes to senior leadership at most of the big wireless companies, the top positions are still dominated by men. 

Nevertheless, the editors at FierceWireless, along with input from our readers, have compiled a list of women who we believe are the best and brightest female executives in the U.S. wireless industry in 2010. This is our third annual list of the Top Women in Wireless (check out the 2008 winners and 2009 honorees) and I'm happy to report that for the first time, there is a woman at the helm of a U.S. wireless carrier--Mary Dillon, the new CEO of U.S. Cellular.

2010 women in wirelessBut Dillon isn't the only woman making strides in wireless. She is joined by nine others who have been selected for their accomplishments, their technical savvy, their leadership and, perhaps most importantly, their influence on the industry. These are the women that you often see speaking at industry events, working on various committees or negotiating tough deals. Check out our 2010 honorees here.

In assembling this list, FierceWireless editors paid particular attention to women who we believe are highly visible in the industry and well-known among their peers. If you feel that we have failed to recognize a deserving woman in the wireless industry, please let us know. I look forward to your feedback. --Sue