Towerstream lauds FCC 3650 MHz decision

The WiMAX sector is celebrating the recent FCC decision to uphold its 2005 non-exclusive licensing scheme for the 3650-3700 MHz band spectrum. Proponents of the nonexclusive licensing approach claim it stimulates investment and development in new wireless technologies and services. What's more, proponents claim this approach provides an effective means of achieving greater spectrum efficiency by allowing a maximum number of commercial and government users to share the bands while innovating their systems to meet future needs.  

"This unique licensing scheme provides Towerstream additional tools to deploy affordable alternative broadband services across the U.S.," said Jeff Thompson, president and CEO of Towerstream. "In addition, we are pleased the FCC is protecting satellite owners who also need to utilize this spectrum."

For more on the ruling:
- read this press release from Towerstream

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