U.S. Cellular undercuts AT&T, Verizon on 10 GB plan; Samsung calls Apple a 'jihadist'

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> U.S. Cellular is undercutting AT&T Mobility and Verizon Wireless by $20 with a new offering of 10 GB of data shared among four people for $140 per month. Release

> AT&T is moving away  from plans to expand into Europe. Article

> Alcatel-Lucent will open a Bell Labs center in Tel Aviv. Article

> Nuance confirmed that the former CEO of Swype, Mike McSherry, has left the company. Article

> Samsung referred to Apple as a "jihadist" in the companies' courtroom battle. Article

> Google purchased mobile enterprise company Divide, which was formerly called Enterproid. Article

> The CEO of chip company ARM Holdings predicted strong growth in the years ahead. Article

> Verizon Wireless MVNO PagePlus Cellular plans to start offering international calling functions. Article

> Cobham, a British aerospace company, plans to purchase wireless communications company Aeroflex Holding Corp. for $1.46 billion. Article

> Qualcomm plans to begin making 64-bit chips with eight cores this year. Article

Mobile Developer News

> Why getting your app in the Nokia App Store shouldn't come as a surprise. Editor's Corner

> App.net, which was launched two years ago as a place for developers to create their apps and for consumers to have an ad-free experience, recently said its crowdfunding efforts had come up short. Full-time staff have been cut, though the organization promises to continue on. Article

> The fourth quarter of 2013 and the first quarter of 2014 were volatile quarters for app engagement--in opposite directions, according to Localytics. Article

Telecom News

> Verizon may still be one of the largest telco TV players, but in the markets where Verizon offers its FiOS services, wireline broadband is becoming the dominant product.  Article

> CenturyLink continues to be bullish about its Prism TV product and has set a goal of extending the service to more homes this year, particularly in the markets it entered through its acquisition of Qwest.  Article

Cable News

> In trying to acquire DirecTV for $49 billion, AT&T perhaps deliberately has opened itself up for the same level of criticism and scrutiny as Comcast in its ongoing quest to acquire Time Warner Cable for $45.2 billion. Article

> Even as AT&T's $48.5 billion bid to acquire DirecTV momentarily diverts attention, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is promising a laser focus on a more immediate matter: whether Comcast should be allowed to acquire Time Warner Cable. Article

And finally… Edward Snowden will be a comic book hero. Article