U.S. mobile data market generated $15.4B in Q1

The U.S. mobile data market increased 4 percent quarter over quarter and 23 percent year over year to reach first quarter 2011 revenues of $15.4 billion, according to management advisory firm Chetan Sharma Consulting. The firm added that annual revenues are on pace to reach $67 billion this year--a 22 percent year-over-year leap. Data revenue growth is due in part to increasing smartphone penetration. In the first quarter, smartphone sales accounted for over 50 percent of total U.S. mobile phone sales for the first time. Connected devices like tablets and ereaders also grew 9.6 percent in the first quarter, and now represent 8 percent of the U.S. subscription base. Chetan Sharma added that connected devices will command double-digit market share by the end of the year, bolstered by the introduction of Android-based tablets priced between $200 and $250. Article


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