Verizon's wireline network shows strong Q1 performance

Mobile carriers are constantly bickering about which provides the best coverage and the fastest speeds, but network performance issues are just as important in the world of wireline service providers. Network latency, throughput and availability have a direct impact on the user experience, and metrics provide a way for customers to know just what they're getting from their service provider -- and what the competition is delivering.

FierceTelecom has teamed with Cedexis once again to shed some light on how AT&T, Verizon and five other wireline network operators performed during the first quarter of 2016. You may not be surprised to learn that Verizon's network ranks among the top in the world of wireline in the United States, just as it does in the mobile market. Specifically, Cedexis said that Verizon stood alone with the best throughput with 7.67 Mbps, while Consolidated came in second with 7.58 Mbps. Special Report

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