Verizon, T-Mobile's Legere engage in Twitter fight during Super Bowl

While the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots were going at it on the gridiron, Verizon and T-Mobile CEO John Legere were having it out on Twitter.

T-Mobile ran three commercials during the Super Bowl including an edgy takeoff of Fifty Shades of Grey starring Kristen Schaal. Schaal pushed the campaign via Twitter, writing “I heard @Verizon dominates customers with taxes and fees. @JohnLegere you into that sort of thing? Say yes! #TheSafeWordisUnlimited.”

Verizon fired back at T-Mobile, tweeting from its corporate account, “Unfortunately no one will hear your safe word if you’re on @Tmobile.”

And Legere called attention to the back-and-forth, retweeting a missive from his company’s account:

New England won this year's big game, of course, bringing Patriots quarterback Tom Brady his fifth ring. The Twitter showdown between T-Mobile and Verizon remains undecided.