Verizon, Vodafone launch GlobalAccess

Verizon and Vodafone launched a cellular data roaming service called GlobalAccess. The new roaming service gives Verizon Wireless business users secure access to the Internet in major markets worldwide. The offering is a two-card solution that allows users to connect to Verizon's EV-DO network in the U.S. and Vodafone's 3G networks abroad. GlobalAccess is available in more than 60 major metropolitan markets in North America and in 50 countries throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa.

Verizon will charge $129 per month for the service, which includes unlimited access in North America and 100 MB of usage in much of Europe, including the UK, Germany, France, and Italy. Access in other countries, such as Australia, Brazil, China, and Russia, costs an additional $0.03 per kb. Unlimited access to Verizon Wireless' US 3G network is available $60 per month.

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