Verizon Wireless expands EV-DO to 15 markets

Verizon Wireless said it has expanded its CDMA2000 EV-DO 3G wireless data network to 15 new markets, bringing its 3G footprint to more than 50 regions. The latest expansion includes Seattle, San Antonio, St. Louis, Cleveland, and the New York City suburbs on Long Island. Verizon offers 3G access through two services. Verizon offers an unlimited mobile data service called BroadbandAccess for $80 per month. This service is targeted at mobile workers. Verizon also offers 3G data on handsets through a service called VCAST, which is available for $15 per month (in addition to the cost of a calling plan) and aimed at consumers.

In addition to adding these new markets, Verizon announced that BroadbandAccess is now available at a number of leading US airports. The carrier hopes to position BroadbandAccess as a WiFi hotspot alternative for the road warrior market.

While Verizon Wireless continues to push ahead with its 3G services, rivals Sprint and Cingular Wireless seem to be falling behind. Sprint is rushing to complete its merger with Nextel Communications while deploying its own EV-DO network. Sprint said it plans to launch EV-DO service in roughly 60 US markets by early 2006. Cingular, meanwhile, is still working to integrate AT&T Wireless' network with its own while pushing ahead with its plans to launch an HSDPA network.

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