Vodafone Germany trials place-shifting TV service

Vodafone, historically the biggest offender when it comes to the walled-garden approach to mobile data services, has launched an experimental service in Germany using software from Orb Networks that will allow its 3G customers to access pictures and MP3 files that reside on their PCs. But more interesting is that Vodafone MeinPC will allow customers to watch TV that is being captured on their own PCs and transmitted across the mobile network.

A lot of operators in Europe--and the U.S. for that matter--have already learned their lessons about walled-garden approaches to data services: They don't work. So why not embrace it early when it comes to mobile TV and control it before customers try it themselves through the back door? Of course, everyone in this industry is still nervous about the impact that will have on mobile TV service subscriptions. But I don't think there is a way to stop this place-shifting phenomenon. That's why Vodafone Germany is smart in controlling it now.

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