VZW handset launch: OQO, V-Day deals

Verizon Wireless announced support for OQO's model 2 ultra-mobile PC with integrated EV-DO wireless WAN as well as a line-up of mobile phones branded for Valentine's Day. The OQO model 02 computer is 5.6" x 3.3" x 1.0" in size, weighs one pound and sports dual external displays. The model 02 may be ordered with Windows Vista pre-installed.

The special line of phones for Valentine's Day have "love-inspired" color schemes. The line-up includes a "Fire Red" Moto KRZR ($99.99), an "Orchid Pink" Moto RAZR V3m ($49.99) and a "Strawberry" Chocolate from LG ($149.99). The Orchid pink RAZR has actually been available for some time; the "Fire Red" KRZR has just been made available; the "Strawberry" Chocolate is due out later this month.

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