VZW offers unlimited messaging plans

As we mentioned yesterday, flat rate pricing is all the rage: Verizon Wireless today launched new bundled voice and messaging plans called "America's Choice Select." The new plans package unlimited text, instant messaging and picture/video messaging into the existing America's Choice plans. The single-line America's Choice Select plans with unlimited messaging start at $60 per month and range as high as $220. Family plans start at $100 per month for two lines and top out at $330 per month for two lines. So, the unlimited versions carry a $20 premium over existing ones for individual plans and a $30 premium for family plans. For family plans, any additional line will also be eligible for unlimited messaging (up to five lines).

The new offerings are designed to meet the growing demand for text and other messages from subscribers, according to the carrier. Rivals Sprint and T-Mobile USA have comparable unlimited messaging plans: T-Mobile's family-messaging plan costs an additional $20 a month, while Sprint's unlimited SMS plan is $10 more a month with an option for unlimited picture and video messaging starting at another $15 per month per line.

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